Kamloops Area Preservation Association is committed to preserving and protecting our city’s environment and adjacent environmentally-sensitive areas. We support economic activity which conforms with Kamloops' image as a healthy place in which to live, surrounded by a beautiful environment.

Our Concern
A belt of mineralization exists under part of the city and just to the south of the city. There are registered mineral claims all over this area (see the local mineral claims map). The claim holders can apply to develop their claims at any time.

Our Goals
Based on knowledge gained during our 6½ year campaign against the proposed Ajax mine adjacent to the City of Kamloops, we aim to work in consultation and collaboration with other groups on a number of issues, which include but are not limited to the following:
• Cancellation of all mining claims within our municipal boundaries
• Establishment of a no-mining zone around the City of Kamloops, and cancellation of all mining claims within that zone
• Modernization of BC’s Mineral Tenure Act
• Improvement of the environmental assessment process
• Improvement to the professional reliance model of decision-making in the resource extraction industry
• Improvement to government oversight of mining practices
• Review of Agricultural Land Reserve practices
• Change the Mining Right of Way Act and The Expropriation Act which presently allow a private mining company to completely take over a landowner's land without consent at the designated Minister’s determined compensation.